Bolton Evening News

Bolton Evening News

1867: Bolton Evening News launched on 19 March by W F Tillotson.

1868: Founder members of Press Association.

1871: William Brimelow (1837-1913) appointed the first official editor.

1888: John Tillotson entered the business. 1899-1915; worked for Lever Bros while managing the business.

1889: William Brimelow took on general management with Mary Tillotson and William Lever.

1892: James Tillotson (Mr Lever) entered the business. 1915-1940: managed the business.

1894: First daily newspaper in Britain to produce a photograph by the halftone process.

1901: Fred Tillotson entered the business. 1940-1956: managed the business

1926: One of the first offices outside London to be equipped with Cread-Wheatstone apparatus which bought both home and foreign news over a landline into the offices.

1946: Marcus Tillotson entered the business. 1956: succeeded Fred Tillotson as chairman.

1962: The Evening News made newspaper history when, for first time in a British paper, all editions contained a full-page printed in Hi-Fi colour.

1967: Bolton Evening News named as country's best designed newspaper.

1971: Tillotsons Ltd. bought by St Regis Paper Company of New York, and Marcus Tillotson retired.)