Arthur Entwisle 1 Photos



A history of the Tillotson family from Bolton, Lancashire, from 1831

Arthur John Entwisle (4 Dec 1849-2 Feb 1941)

Married 18 March 1885

Janet Ingram Rule (24 Feb 1862-5 Aug 1955)

Janet Entwisle with Jessie Rule (mother) and Mildred Entwisle with Margaret, Joyce and Peter in 1919

Janet Entwisle with Jessie Rule (mother) and Dorothy Tillotson and John in 1914

Family gathering with Janet Entwisle c.1950


Harold Mandelberg

Marcus Tillotson

John Tillotson

Daphne Tillotson

Alan Tillotson

Fred Tillotson

Thomas Entwisle

Mildred Entwisle

Sheila Entwisle

Hilda Entwisle

John Craven

Peter Entwisle

John "By" Hutt


Jessie Madelberg

Dorothy Tillotson

Janet Entwisle

Thomas Entwisle

Arthur Entwisle

Margaret Hutt


Mary Tillotson

Jennifer Hutt

Carol Hutt

Henrietta Craven