Born 11th January 1879 in Bolton, Lancashire

Died 2nd September 1958 in Bolton


William Frederic Tillotson

Mary Tillotson (nee Lever)


John Lever Tillotson (1871-1915)

Mary Atherton (1873-1948)

James Lever Tillotson (1875-1940)

Eliza Haselden (1877-1967)

William Holden Tillotson (1880-1892)


Dorothy Enwisle 27th June 1912 in Bolton


John Frederic (1913-1984)

Marcus Entwisle (1915-2005)

Rachel Mary (1917-1944)

Alan Lever (1919-1992)

Marcus, Alan, Mary, John

Fred Lever Tillotson was the youngest surviving son of William and Mary (nee Lever) Tillotson. He was born in Bolton and educated at Shrewsbury School and Balliol College, Oxford. He joined Tillotsons in 1899 and took over the management of the business from his brother John Tillotson. He was elected chairman of Tillotson’s Newspapers Ltd when the company was formed in 1919. He remained chairman until 1956 when he was succeeded by his son Marcus Tillotson. He was editor of the Bolton Evening News 1913-1927 and 1941-1945. He was chairman of Tillotson and Sons 1940-1954. He married Dorothy Entwisle in 1912 and they lived at Westcombe, Victoria Road, Bolton until the death of his mother in 1918 when they moved to Hillside, Chorley New Road, Bolton. He died in 1958