John Ritchie 1872-1914


JOHN RITCHIE 1872-1914

The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate (Parramatta, NSW)

Wednesday 2 September 1914

Death of  John Ritchie.

We regret to have to. record the death;

of an estimable citizen, Mr. John Ritchie,

who died at his residence,' 'Bingham,' In

the early hours of Saturday morning: The

deceased gentleman, who, had been a resi

dent of Parramatta. for the past 'fifteen

years, had a severe heart attack some

months or so back,  and after pulling

through it was thought that there was

some hope of recovery; but on Saturday

morning another attack came on, and at 5

a.m. he succumbed. Mr Ritchie who' was

in his seventy-second year, was born in

Paisley, Scotland, and came to Australia

when he was 11 years of age. In the early

days he saw a good deal of this country,

but after some years of country life he

settled in Sydney, where he carried on a

wood, coal and wattle bark business, which

proved very remunerative. About 26 years

ago he retired from business , on a com-

petence. He was well known in Sydney

commercial circles also in  the tannery

trade. He leaves a widow and four child

ren—all married— Mr. John McA. Ritchie,

well known as the late secretary of C.C.E.

Cricket Club; Mrs. J. L. Tillotson, of Bid

ston Court, near Blrkenhead (Mr Tillotson

is a director of the flrm of 'Messrs'.

Lever Bros., Ltd.) ; Mrs. G. Wood, of Ade

laide; Mrs. W. Alexander, of Ayrshire;.

Scotland.  Mr. Ritchie was not widely

known to the citlzens of Parramatta, but

he took a kindly interest in all that stood

for its progress, and was always ready to

lend his aid to any forward movement.

Mrs. Ritchie is a daughtor of Mr. Thomas

Alston, who built old Pyrmont Bridge.

The funeral of the deceased gentleman

took place on Monday afternoon. Amongst

the mourners we noticed Mr. John Ritchie

(son of deceased), Mr. G. Wood (son in

law), Mr. Donald Shude (brother-in-law),

Mr. John Perry, M.L.A. (brother-in-law);

Messrs. D. Shude, jun., T. Shude, A. Shude,

T. Alston and J. R. Ash (nephews), the

Rev. John Paterson (officiating minister),

Dr. Phipps Waugh, Messrs. J. W. Perry,

W. F. Jago, J.-W. -Hill, D. D. Hendorson.'

L. W. Pye, S. Davies' (town clerk), W. M.

Cox (town engineer, G. Rigg, S. M. Dennis,

J, T. Dennis, A. Barton, Irons, George

Rltchla,- Clyde Ritchie, J, C. ,H. Mingaye,

Meek, J.- A. Millett,' A. ? Spain, -BarrsV

Harry Budge, Dawson; A. L. McCredie, W. ,

Cawdell, H. 'Scott; H. W.'Shephard', W.'l?.

A. Larcombe, J. II. Palmer, A. .'Mitchell,

H. AC S. Boyd, UV Marshall,. A. West, Tl:R.

Stoele, Gavin Steele, H; Dodd,, C. Smith,

W. Miller, E.: J. Brown, II. ? Blackwood,

John AVoods, J. Woods, W. R. Rees, . Ray-

mond -R. Rowo, L. Watt, F. Coogan, J.

Cranston, H. Young, J. T. Burrows,- W.;

Winn and many others.