John Tillotson was born in Holbeck, Leeds, on March 25th 1821. In 1834 he was apprenticed as a printer with Robert Holden at 3 Mealhouse Lane, Bolton. R. M. Holden was a printer, stationer and bookseller. He married Robert Holden’s sister, Mary Ann Holden (1811-1871) on December 20th 1843. Mary Ann managed a pawnbroker’s shop for her father, William Holden (1793-1857) in Kay Street, Bolton. In 1850 he became owner of the business on Robert Holden’s retirement. In 1866, John Tillotson was joined in partnership by his eldest son, William Frederic, and Tillotson & Son came into being. In July 1870 he retired from Tillotson & Son. Mary Ann died on June 4th 1871. On March 4th 1872 he married Harriet Price in Nottingham. He then worked as a commercial traveller. By 1901 he was living in Weston-super-Mare with Harriet and a daughter Eleanor (b. 1875). He died in 1906.

Born 25 March 1821 in Holbeck, Leeds

Died 1906


Mary Ann Holden 20 December 1843 in Manchester


William Frederic (1844-1889) - married Mary Lever (1843-1918)

Robert John (b.1847) - married Sophia Berrie(b.1849) Congregational Minister

Samuel Marsden (b.1850) - married Agnes Nelson

Anne Holden (1850-1874)

Elizabeth Mary (1854-1896)